Friday, September 17, 2010

The Jungle Statement: Artist Paul Nilsson's ArtPrize Entry

Mowgli is the Jungle Boy from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book. This installation of high fire ceramic work is dedicated to reading to children. It is for reading to them early to establish a climate for school readiness. It recognizes that reading is part of a healthy childhood. This project is supported by Reach Out and Read Michigan and Prescription to Read. It his further supported by the Michigan State University Institute of Agriculture Technology and it’s hard working Landscape and Lawn Technology students who are striving for a greener, cleaner and more beautiful America. Their landscaping efforts are hopefully a small step towards greening our cities to clean the air, beautifying our surroundings, reducing the temperatures and conserving energy. As for Mowgli and his friends, there are two stories. A kid’s story is that a child can survive in the Jungle with the help of his Jungle friends. The adult version is that in order to survive you must form alliances. There are many forces which can destroy you and your chances of avoiding that outcome are greatly increased by these covenants. Through collaboration, determination and cooperation you can not only survive but transcend the harsh realities of the Jungle. In order to complete the Jungle Boy I needed help from: ASAP Printing in Okemos, Baker Drive Train in Haslett, CENGAGE Learning Detroit, Jane & Dusty Barclay in Williamston, Mark Chatterley Studio in Williamston, Michigan State University Institute of Agricultural Technology, Sue Long Studio in Okemos, Playmaker’s in Okemos, Layton Richardson CPA in East Lansing, Wealth Management Partners in Williamston, my family in Williamston.

Jungle Boy Artist Paul Nilsson wishes to thank the DeVos Center for the opportunity to Exhibit his Sculptural Installation and furthering the cause of Reading Readiness and a Greener America through education and application.