Thursday, April 7, 2016

Alton Brown Road Eats 2016: Calling All Fans for Recommendations!

If you’ve been following Alton Brown online, than I’m sure you’ve noticed the dozens of doughnuts, hot dogs and hamburgers he’s eaten on the road during his last adventure, The Edible Inevitable Tour. Well he’s about to do it again, this time for his all-new show called Eat Your Science, which will be coming to DeVos Performance Hall on May 4th.

Since fan recommendations were spot on last time, Mr. Brown is asking fans once again: Where should he eat? In each city for his tour, he’s looking for coffee shops, restaurants, late-night snacks and sandwiches available in the area. He prefers to keep it local and simple…nothing fancy.

If you know of a must-visit eatery or coffee shop in a Grand Rapids, Michigan, tell Alton Brown on his Facebook or Twitter. Make sure you use the hashtag #ABRoadEatsGR.