Friday, January 15, 2016

5 Reasons you’ll fall in love with Tommy Emmanuel


1.) He’s a family man. Emmanuel’s love of music started at the age of four, on his birthday, when his mother bought him a guitar to learn how to play after noticing him playing with the strings on hers. Then by the age of six, he started working to be a professional musician with his brother and father. Their father sold the house and they began going on tour in a family band.

2.) He has a few tricks up his sleeve. During the Summer Olympics of 2000, Emmanuel and his brother, Phil, performed for the closing ceremony. During a few songs in this performance, the brothers shared a guitar that each played with one hand at the same time.

3.) He can be spontaneous. At the age of 16, Emmanuel once tried to sell his electric guitar and land a job working on cars in a garage. This only lasted a month, though, until a show came to town and Emmanuel found himself playing with the band that night and joining them on the road the next morning.

4.) He has compassion. Back in 2010, Emmanuel auctioned off his guitars for UNICEF, to help raise funds for the children of Haiti after the devastating earthquakes struck.

5.) He’s a timeless character. During an episode in season 10 of “American Dad,” Emmanuel’s rendition of “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams was played by Roger Smith in a coffee shop battle.

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