Wednesday, October 7, 2015

ArtPrize 7: DeVos Place houses four Top 20 finalists

DeVos Place ® is home to four finalists in ArtPrize 7, the international art competition that began on September 23 and ends October 11. Of the Top 20 public vote finalists, four installments are located in and outside of the Grand Gallery and cover a variety of platforms.

Here are the four finalists that you can find at DeVos Place:

Kurt Swanson, “The Race”
Kurt Swanson’s piece is a three-dimensional installment located inside of convention center. The piece includes three bicycles made entirely of wood with a portrait of the artist riding his bike into the “future.”

According to the artist, a variety of woods were used in creating the piece, including oak, mahogany, maple, bamboo, and aspen. This artwork is located on the skywalk level of the Grand Gallery.

Kurt has worked as a craftsman for over 25 years and owns Always August Designs, a wooden furniture company based in Grand Rapids.

Randall Libby, “Michigan Petoskey Stone”

Boasting the title of “World’s Largest Petoskey Stone Display,” this piece by Randall Libby represents the beautiful state of Michigan with Petoskey stones and fossil. The two-dimensional piece can be seen in front of the entrance to the Grand Gallery.

The piece portrays all 83 counties in the state of Michigan. Randall Libby creates unique Petoskey Stone and Fossil artwork through The Petoskey Art Studio.

Shawn Michael Warren, “In a Promised Land…”

Shawn Michael Warren’s “In a Promised Land…” recreates the chaos after the Tulsa race riot of 1921 that left affluent black communities in ruins. Shawn Michael Warren strives to create awareness of the often omitted event and bring attention to historically one of the most devastating moments of racial violence.

You can find this artwork on the skywalk level of the Grand Gallery.

Breakthrough Team, “BREAKTHROUGH”

This piece, located outside of the Grand Gallery main entrance, is creating awareness and fighting stigma surrounding mental health wellness and empowerment. The artwork is comprised of broken pieces of ceramic and formed into the shape of a phoenix rising amidst fire.

The community is welcome to join in on the creation of art by attending the “breaking studio” in which they are able to break ceramics in a symbolic gesture of acceptance and leaving behind judgments or shame.

The final day to vote is October 8 and the winner will be revealed at the ArtPrize Awards October 9. Check out these finalists at DeVos Place through October 11.