Friday, October 7, 2011

Mia Tavonatti Wins ArtPrize 2011

Mia Tavonatti of Santa Ana, California has taken home 1st place for ArtPrize 2011. Her entry, "Crucifixion", was announced as the winner at DeVos Performance Hall last night. Her art piece was at DeVos Place.

Tavonatti has now finished in the top five of ArtPrize the past two years as last year she took 2nd place with her entry "Svelata." Her entry this year was a 13-foot by 9-foot drawing of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and was made to be an altarpiece for a Roman Catholic Church in California. The entry now, however, will be property of ArtPrize.

Tracy Van Duinen's entry "The Metaphorest Project" won 2nd place and Lynda Cole's entry "Rain" took home 3rd place. As a new rule of ArtPrize, the top 10 of this year's competition will not be allowed to participate in next year's ArtPrize, but are welcomed to enter again in future competitions.