Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jordan Eagles at DeVos Place as Part of ArtPrize 2011

Jordan Eagles (New York, NY), compliments of PATRAJDAS Contemporary, will be a featured artist on exhibit at the DeVos Place Convention Center as part of the ArtPrize 2011 exhibition/competition. Vote 44101 if you would like to vote for his entry. You can access PATRAJDAS Contemporary at

For over a decade, Jordan Eagles has been using and preserving blood in his multi-dimensional works as a method to explore themes of regeneration and the metaphysical connections between body, spirit and nature. Eagles permanently preserves the blood on clear and white Plexiglas within layers of resin, suspending the organic medium's fluid forms under the resin's glass-like surface. His work is a dynamic wash of burgundy, crimson, ruby's - commingling with near blacks, and rust colors forming a rich, vibrant surface that glows with energy. Now mixing his medium with copper, Jordan creates an effect that is not unlike erupting molten lava - a sparkling geology of vibrant colors and seemingly prehistoric textures that range from fiery orange to deep crimson - revealing as much about life as about death.

Explosive energy, inner light, organic patterns and bodily orbs: Jordan's latest series continues to explore the physical and intangible connections between the body-spirit and the universe. These new works are built on pure white Plexiglas and marked with minimal organic forms. The curves and flows, created with blood, allow the sleek and smooth synthetic elements to exist in harmony with the organic - illuminating the finite details of the blood as well as its infinite cosmic energy.

Jordan's latest work, BARC 1-6, is a six-panel exploration of the connection between body and spirit; representing regeneration, rebirth, and the powerful life-force in us all. Each panel, composed of Blood, Acrylic, Resin, and Copper is essentially a reliquary - a tomb for that which was living (Blood), as well as referencing the Creation experience, manifest in the energy contained in each piece. Each panel is a metaphorical door/window(Acrylic) into an alternate dimension or metaphysical state. Copper, an excellent conductor, references the energy coursing through each living being. All is encapsulated by UV-resistant Resin, ensuring preservation.