Friday, June 12, 2015

DeVos Place & Grand Rapids: 10 Years Strong-Part 4

DeVos Place celebrates 10th Anniversary with Celebration
Open House, Saturday, June 13th from 10AM - 5PM. 

#FBF: 10 Years of Fun

DeVos Place® wasn't always the grand convention center in the heart of Grand Rapids that it is now. The ground upon which it was built was once treaded on by Native Americans, ironmongers, factory workers, retailers and shoppers. With such an important part in Grand Rapids history, the land and area that DeVos Place is built upon has a vibrant history all its own.

Something New

In June 1997, Grand Action, a nonprofit organization that identifies downtown revitalization projects and building, presented information regarding a convention center expansion on the Grand Center. With Grand Rapids growing into a cultural hot spot, conventions would bring business and people to the city. Through a variety of fundraising efforts, the Convention Center Ceremonial Groundbreaking took place in August 2000. The Convention Center would be named DeVos Place. In 2003, the Grand Gallery and Meijer Exhibition Hall were opened with the final addition to the building being completed in 2005 with the opening of the DeVos Place Steelcase Ballroom.

DeVos Place brings Tourism to Grand Rapids

In the ten years that DeVos Place has brought conventions, events and culture to the city, it has been the center to a variety of fun and interesting shows. From bringing a Ferris wheel into the Exhibition Hall for the Grand Opening, to thousands of rabbits for American Rabbit Breeders Association and beyond. It has also been the pinnacle of its community with thousands of people attending events and millions being spent on the city, bringing forth a true economic impact.

Celebrating 10 Years in Style

DeVos Place is celebrating with an Open House on Saturday, June 13th from 10AM-5PM! There will be free parking, free hot dog and Pepsi® for the first 10,000 people, Ferris wheel and much more! Community organizations such as the Kent District Library, Grand Rapids Police Department, the Harbor Humane Society, and many more will be present with a variety of activities for all ages. There will also be two entertainment stages with performances such as Jump with Jill, The Diemakers, Pacific Island Dancers, Bangarang Circus and much more! For a full list of performances,  and more information about the DeVos Place 10th Anniversary Open House, please visit our Facebook or website!